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Jakarta World Academy has an exclusive partnership with Peking University Elementary School, Beijing. Early childhood stage is the first stage of a child’s life and the most crucial stage for laying the foundation for the future learning. The Peking University Kindergarten education lays this foundation through exposure to culture, language, social interactions, sciences and art courses in Mandarin. JWA Chinese Enrichment Programme is primarily designed for the children learning the Chinese language internationally. Whilst using a developmentally appropriate approach, the programme acknowledges children’s
interests and prior experiences and abilities to learn through play, such as learning centres, games and interactions with children and adults. Children are immersed in a Chinese learning environment that is meaningful, relevant and respectful.

We open Chinese Enrichment Programme for K1 and K2 student :

Kindergarten 1 : Every Tuesday and Thursday at 1 – 3 PM
Kindergarten 2 : Every Monday and Wednesday at 2 – 4PM
Price : IDR 9.000.000 / term

Please contact us to find out more details!