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Angela Perri
parent of
Xavier Dominic Perri (Kindergarten2)

Xavier looks forward to attending Jakarta World Academy school every day. The school environment is very friendly, we feel very welcomed. The classrooms are very decorated with learning examples.

Jakarta World Academy and the school activities help Xavier learn and develop physical, emotional, cognitive, social skills and independence. I think the learning level is a very high standard compared to other schools. Xavier will have a head start at Primary School and Jakarta World Academy has prepared him to what to expect in a (big school) Primary School.

He has only attended one school year 2016-2017 but it will be a year to remember.

Marie Suzuki
parent of
Hiro Suzuki (PreKindergarten)

At first, we thought classrooms inside the office building are not appropriate for children (we are kind of parents who think children would better play in the nature with green, chasing animals). Nonetheless, we have realized that there can be many ways for children to grow. We found our son is actually very much enjoying many different activities in Jakarta World Academy such as PE , Science , Chinese , music class and so on.

Jessie xia
parent of
Guan Yixuan (Nursery)

I really appreciate the patience and kindness the teachers provide to Guan Yixuan, to help him gradually step into his new life phase. Maybe there are some difficulties and his performance was not always stable, but he did better and better. His changes make me delighted.

Lindsay Joanne Rossilli
parent of
Isla Mae Rossilli (Kindergarten 2)

Isla loves attending Jakarta World Academy (JWA) and my husband and I have watched her thrive both academically and personally.

We are very happy with the Cambridge Curriculum and the way in which it is delivered at Jakarta World Academy (JWA).

Mr. Rusell Dean Wantenaar
parent of
Espen Wantenaar (Kindergarten2)

Our son immediately felt at home and welcomed by the JWA staff and simply thrived and excelled although being a late starter. In the year that he has been there, he has blossomed and matured in confidence in ways that make us so grateful. We highly recommend JWA to parents wanting to give their kids a great start.

Eon Jeong Choi
parent of
Jooyeon Choi (Pre-Kindergarten)

I am very satisfied with Jakarta World Academy. Jooyeon has grown in this school a lot. Apart from academic progress. She became a more caring person, who can play well with friends, share ideas and toys. She can accept challenges without fear. My girl likes to go to school so much and come home happily.
I really recommend this school to others, to feel the good thing by themselves.